About me

Surprisingly enough, I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant by trade, with a deep abiding love of books in any form and, even more surprisingly, an imagination that just won’t quit. With crazy fast typing ability I’m able to get the voices in my head onto paper in almost real time, and have almost enough smarts to keep the characters from haring off on some crazy tangent…although if the start of my next book is anything to go by, this doesn’t always work quite the way I hoped. Have no fear I will fix his personality. I must have been a bit annoyed at my husband when I started writing that one.

Double Diamond was the first full length romance novel I ever attempted and loved it so much I tried it again, and again.  Jesse’s Place was released in December 2016, Diamond in the Rough will be available February 2017, Model Mom is almost finished, and a trilogy involving three sisters and a bed and breakfast is in the works. I hope to hone my skills through the publication of many more novels to follow. An action/adventure series for young adults is also in progress, thanks to the request and support of my toughest critics, my two teen aged children.

When I’m not busy with tax season, corporate year ends or  advisory services for small businesses, I hang out on my 200 acre farm in rural New Brunswick with horses, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats and lizards, children, my super supportive husband, and my laptop.

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