Jesse’s Place

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Kate Adams Shaw is an independent, strong-willed but troubled woman. Ten year ago she hid herself in the wilds of Northern Ontario in an attempt to outrun the heartbreak from a horrible accident that ripped apart her beloved family, and left her life in tatters.

In an attempt to deal with her grief she built a bush pilot business from the ground up, working day and night to make it a success. An unexpected opportunity offered the chance to start up Jessie’s Place, a refuge for troubled inner city kids where they can have a chance to learn about nature, the world outside the city and themselves. But her carefully ordered life hits a road bump when financial difficulties strike; threatening everything she has worked so hard to build.

It’s these same financial problems that allow her husband’s cousin Garth McKee to track her down after ten long years. Angry and bitter at what he has always assumed was her role in the death of his cousin, he yearns for vengeance, but his heart remembers the young woman she once was. Sparks fly the moment he lays eyes on her.

Can she convince him that that his assumptions about her are all wrong and regain his trust? And when she does is she strong enough to overcome her fear of loving and losing again, and allow Garth to become part of her life?